Granite Paving Dublin

If you are looking to create a beautiful and practical outdoor space, then Granite is the perfect choice. RDC Paving are professional Granite Paving specialist serving the Dublin region. We are experienced installers of the highest quality Granite Paving. Granite paving provides an upscale touch to settings, whether they are contemporary or traditional in style. Granite offers a consistent colouring with tight grain and even texture, making this type of paving perfectly suited to an ultra-modern space. We are the market-leading suppliers and installers of high-quality granite paving from the top suppliers and manufacturers.

Why You Should Consider Granite Paving?

  • Granite is a natural stone. As the stone is natural, the composition and colour will vary.
  • Granite has a real aesthetic feel which is why many people choose it for their outdoor area.
  • Granite is known for its resilience and long-lasting effects.
  • It is low maintenance, so you don’t have to upkeep.
  • It is slip-resistant. The stone surface is lightly textured which stops you slipping.
  • It is heat-resistant
  • The stone is available in a wide variety of colours and shades including beige, black, grey, and more.

Why Choose RDC Paving for your Granite Paving?

  • Our 24 pavers and groundworks team have years of experience in all aspects of granite paving, groundworks, brick paving, curbing, and more.
  • Our team is friendly, and hardworking and strives to complete your project efficiently with minimal disruption.
  • We are granite paving installation specialists and are always happy to offer expert advice on your next home improvement.
  • For every project we undertake, we quality check from start to finish.
  • Our workmanship is second to none and our work will always exceed quality standards by a mile.
  • We will take your project from initial consultation, design, and quotation through to the construction and completion of your ideal outdoor space.

A newly redesigned and installed granite paving outdoor area provides a fantastic place for family and friends to get together and enjoy the outdoor fun. No paving project is too big or small for us and we are positive we can create the perfect paving solution and outdoor space perfectly suited to your needs. If you are interested in finding out more about our granite paving in Dublin, please get in touch with us.